XEro invoicing overview for small business

Author: Duncan Warnock CPA | July, 2015 

Cloud Accounting software solution Xero provides great functionality and flexibility for creating invoices. At MAS Tax Accountants Geelong West we love cloud accounting solutions because we are a small business and we love helping small businesses. We are experts at setting up cloud accounting solutions for your business.

You can customise multiple invoice templates and also select any of those templates when generating an invoice for emailing or posting to a customer.

You can create an invoice anywhere in the world with internet access. You can also re-send an invoice via email to a customer who has requested another invoice copy to facilitate prompt payment. Prompt payment of invoices by customers improves your cashflow which is vital when running a small business.

For an insight into Xero Invoicing sit back, relax and watch this video overview of Invoice creation and Invoice settings in Xero.

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